Uplifting medicine for people and the planet

GaiaTree Integrative Medicine is an elevated primary care experience drawing from multiple traditions to support longevity and happiness at every stage of life. With GaiaTree’s enthusiasm, personal attention and insight, you can liberate your highest state of health. Experience primary care as it should be!

Candace Miller, MS, PA-C
Holistic Medical Care Practitioner

Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine - Candace Miller MS, PA-C

“GaiaTree honors patient autonomy and the principle of “do no harm,” both at the individual and global level. It is my driving philosophy that every individual is a sacred expression of Nature, and that we should treat ourselves and our planet with the utmost respect”

Gaia Tree Annual Membership Infographic


as of June 2023:

Age 3-9

Acute care only.


Age 10-21


Age 22-39


Age 40+

$99 per adult enrollment fee. 

Minors must be accompanied by adult membership


Couple and Family Discounts 5%

*discounts applied at check-out


Open Hours

Monday - Thursday
10am - 4pm

Outside of these hours by arrangement


1751-O Calle Medico
Santa Fe, NM 87505
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