Redefine Workplace Benefits

Treat your talent better with a benefit they will love.



Stable, flexible, affordable benefits with the care your team needs the most


Quick in person and virtual visits for your employees


Employees and their families get attention from a provider who cares

HOLISTIC CARE = Primary Care

An integrative mind-body approach supports emotional and physical well being


Text or call your provider from wherever you are, whenever you need them


Preventative care and education to support employee wellness

Family Care

Family members are welcome too!  Group enrollment saves time and money

Employers and employees love direct primary care because it is a tangible benefit that actually works! Employers may offer direct primary care as a complement to an existing group health insurance plan or bypass insurance companies altogether and pay for care directly. We have clear, affordable pricing – no need to renegotiate terms every year as with traditional health plans. Standard minimum participation requirements do not apply, so employees can choose to opt in to the DPC membership. We welcome businesses of all sizes, and are an especially good option for small local businesses and out-of-state companies with remote employees or satellite offices in New Mexico.
Redefine Workplace Benefits

Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine:

  • is compatible with PPO, HDHP and Healthshare plans as well as FSAs, HRAs & HSAs
  • can be fully employer funded, employee funded, or shared cost 
  • is possible through employer-arranged payroll deduction or employee direct pay
  • is available at reduced group monthly rate
  • offers extensive employee communication support
  • substantially reduces medical benefit cost for you and your staff
  • Flexible, year-round enrollment opportunities

Cost Comparison

Most individuals do not realize how much they spend on their healthcare every year. Between deductibles, copays and monthly premiums, annual healthcare costs are close to $12,000 a year.  By joining Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine, you could save up to 50% off your healthcare spending.

Traditional insurance

Low-Cost Traditional/Catastrophic Plan Plus Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine

Healthshare plan plus Gaia Tree Integrative Medicine

Estimates above are the cost of primary care for one adult in new mexico and do not include insurance copays required in traditional plans, the cost of specialty or emergency care, and do not account for any no-deductible office visits sometimes offered by traditional insurance plans.

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