Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine (FM) is an integrated biochemistry-based approach to medicine that considers the body as a complete and nuanced system rather than compartmentalized by individual body systems. Functional Medicine is practiced by many naturopathic physicians and other holistically-minded providers, and often comes with a high price tag because it requires much more time than a typical medical visit. On top of this, many FM specialty labs are expensive – and not covered by insurance.

Happily, the direct primary care model allows me to incorporate principles of Functional Medicine seamlessly into the practice. My mission is to make Functional Medicine accessible and affordable by integrating it into your Direct Primary Care (DPC) services. This means that the provider fee for Functional Medicine is completely covered by DPC membership. To keep lab costs down, I utilize discounts available through our community partners, and am mindful of ordering only those tests which will inform my understanding of your health concerns and wellness plan.



Included with DPC membership for New Mexico residents


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